About Us

Tony’s Auto Repair, Where our Customer service is as good our Auto Repair Service!


Tony’s Auto Repair celebrates 25+ years of taking care of cars and the people who ride in them, providing car owners with a one-stop shop for factory scheduled maintenance service and repairs for autos, SUVs, MiniVans. Our trained and certified technicians can perform the same service as a dealer only at a much greater value.

Tony’s Auto Repair is not just anothercar repair and tune upservice provider. We’ve been in business for over 25 years, and we have the best-in-class training and service warranties. While we have been experts on cars, we’re also focused on the people who drive in them. We understand how people drive, and based on that, we can build a program catered to each person that keeps your car running how you want it. It’s how Tony’s Auto Repair is in tune with customers.