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Stop looking for a auto repair shop that might be able to help! Tony’s Auto Repair is here to serve you. We are centrally located in Phoenix, AZ. off of 35th ave and¬†Camelback just west of GCU.

Tony’s Auto Repair is the fairway when needing auto repair services we will Diagnose, Repair and Service – Engines, Transmissions, Brake’s, Air Conditioning, Electrical and much more automobile systems weather you need a oil change a tune up or something more complex like diagnoses or even completely rebuilt we have you covered.

Bring Your Car in for a Complementary Diagnosis:

Tony’s Auto Repair Help’s In Phoenix

Diagnose, Repair and Maintain all automobile Engines Transmissions and electrical systems…

We are proud to serve our patrons by offering them the ability to find exactly what is ailing their vehicle before getting charged. You see most mechanics and in fact all dealerships charge a fee usually between $100.00-$150.00 just to diagnose your vehicle. Well not here at Tony’s Auto Repair. We want to establish a relationship with you, let us build some trust and secure your business for any and all Auto diagnoses,repair and maintenance of all make and model vehicles tony’s will help call now. 602-973-5050